Inside your Business

We are working with the best qualities to shoot your business and publish on Google Map, please contact us for the quotation, then we will have a trained sales agent come down and help you to determine the best package and layout to meet your needs, they will help you to identify any concerns while working through the process.

Once a date is set we will call you the day before the photo shoot to remind you to finalize your preparations and remind staff to notify customers while the photo shoot is in progress.

Once we arrive, we would like to walk around with you, your manager or a team member to get an idea of the layout of your business. If you have any special requests, please let us know. 

Once the photo shoot is complete, you will be notified when processing has finished and the virtual tour has been published. We will then arrange a date to drop off your copy of the photos and we can show you how to integrate the tour into social media or a website in seconds.